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How can we use the best of our eye shadow palette
I’m sure we all have this issue: we invest in an eye shadow palette with verity of shadows and we only use few of our favorite shades while all the other shades are sitting there untouched. MAX FACTOR has recently launched 3 amazing nude eye shadow palettes which has dark shades (Matte), light shades (Matte) and Light and dark shades with shimmer. A beautiful mix of matte and shimmery finishes in rosy, neutral shades. Highlighters, which are the lightest colors, accent shadows, which are richer and more pigmented, transition or crease colors, which tend to be neutral, medium shades, and line and contour colors the darkest and deepest shades.

Highlighter shimmery

Apply just under your brow to enhance your arches, on the inner corners of your eyes to open them up, or on the center of your lids as a final step to brighten your entire look and you can use the light shimmery shades as the highlighter on the cheekbone and the bridge of the nose. (You can use a wet brush to create a creamy texture)

Darker accent shades (shimmer):

Blend these colors on the majority of your lid, from your lash line up to the crease or you can apply only on the outer corner of your eyes, also you can use a wet angled brush into the dark shades and draw it on the lash line as an eyeliner.

Transition/Crease shades (Matte):

Transition shades generally are the medium neutral shades, which you can use it on the crease of the eye to create a softer smokey eyes or cut crease, also you can only contour the eyes with it. You can use the wet angled brush with the soft brown shades and use it as an eyebrow shadow.

Line/Contour shades (Matte):

Use these shadows and an angled brush to define your top and bottom lash lines or set pencil liner in place.