Professional course and Fees

  1. What are the courses that you offer?

    We offer 3 types of courses: (1) The Professional Course that earns you a KHDA accredited professional makeup artist certification upon completion; (2) DIY classes and (3) Live Online Classes which are supplementary and are for those who already have experience with makeup more than the beginners.
  2. Who is the Professional Course suitable for?
    The Professional Course is for anyone and everyone who wants to learn the art and skill of makeup application, whether for themselves or in a professional capacity to work as a professional makeup artist
  3. I’m already great at applying my own makeup, why do I need to take the Professional course?
    Already knowing how to apply makeup your own makeup is a good start. The Professional Course will, with the help of Max Factor techniques and industry knowledge, improve your makeup application skills and take it to a level where you can work as a professional makeup artist.
  4. I’m a beginner and I’ve never worked with or applied makeup before. Can your course help me?
    The Professional Course caters to both beginners and makeup artists with some experience alike. As a beginner, you will benefit from the course’s step by step lessons that start with the basics. The online aspect of the course also allows you to work on your own pace so you can take the time you need to learn each lesson.
  5. How easy is the Professional Course?
    The Professional Course is divided into twelve lessons, each concentrating on a certain area or step in makeup application. There is an exercise at the end of each lesson to ensure you’ve learned what you needed to learn before proceeding to the next lesson.  The ease of each lesson will largely depend on your experience with makeup application prior to starting the course but the Professional Course was designed with consideration to beginner makeup artists in mind.
  6. What is included in the Professional Course?
    The Professional Course comes with twelve step by step lessons, covering different areas of makeup application in each lesson. There is also 2 additional videos which are the Introduction video and the Makeup Artist Career Tips and Must Knows video.
  7. How much do I need to spend to complete Professional course?

    Enrollment to the Professional Course costs 12,600 AED. We recommend purchasing the Starter Kit which has almost all the products and tools you will need for the duration of the course and costs 3,228.75 AED.
  8. Are there payment plans available?
    Unfortunately not at this time. The Professional Course needs to be paid in full before you can begin your first lesson.
  9. What are the inclusions of the Professional Course fee?

    The Professional Course fee covers all fourteen videos and exercises. The Starter Kit and any other makeup tools and products are to be purchased or prepared separately by the student.
  10. If I don’t purchase the Starter Kit, are there alternative products I can use?
    Although we recommend that your purchase the Starter Kit or the Makeup Tools Kit, you may use existing or other products from any brand. Throughout the duration of the course, you will need the following products:
    • Face primer
    • Liquid foundation
    • Compact powder
    • Concealer
    • Loose powder
    • Correctors
    • Eyeshadow primer
    • Powder eyeshadow (matte and shimmery)
    • Liquid or gel Eye liner
    • Eye pencil
    • Mascara
    • Eyebrow pencil
    • Eye brow mascara
    • Contour palette cream and powder
    • Blush
    • Lip Liner
    • Lipstick
    • False lashes and glue
    • Face accessories such as face crystal, feathers , glitters ...etc
    • Laptop, smartphone or device with a camera to take your classes and record your exercises and exams

  11. What if, at any point during the course, I realize that it's not for me?
    You may opt out of the course but no refund will be processed for the fees already paid for the full term of the Professional Course.

  12. Is there a specified timeframe within which the course needs to be completed?
    The Professional Course needs to be completed within 6 months, after which your access will expire and you will need to repurchase the course.

  13. Who do I contact if I have any questions or concerns at any point within the course?
    You may visit our Get in Touch page to send us a message with your concerns at any time within the course.

  14. Are there additional benefits to getting certified aside from learning makeup tips and techniques?
    The certification is KHDA accredited throughout the GCC and will allow graduates to work in a professional capacity as makeup artists for fashion, events, photography and other industries. Aside from that, graduates will be part of Max Factor’s exclusive network of professional makeup artists who share insider knowledge about makeup and beauty among themselves.

Exercises and Exams

  1. Do I need professional camera equipment for shooting practical exercises and the final exam?
    Professional camera equipment is not a must but will definitely help in capturing your exercises better. In the absence of it, however, students may use camera equipment of less quality but good enough to capture their exercises without altering the quality of their output.

  2. How soon after completing and submitting all my theoretical and practical final exam do I find out if I passed the course?
    Max Factor will need 1 week after submission to assess your output and decide whether or not you pass the course. 

  3. What happens if I fail an exercise?
    You will have to redo the exam or exercise so you can unlock the next lesson.

  4. What happens if I fail the course?
    You are allowed a maximum of two retakes if you fail the course on your first try. If you are not able to pass the course after the maximum number of retakes allowed, you would have to repurchase the course and start over.

  5. Would the academy need to approve my models prior to using them for practical exercises?
    No, you have the option to choose the models you use for each lesson. You can use your sister, friend or any female.

  6. What will be the criteria for rating my practical exercises?

    There are no specific criteria for rating practical exams. Your output will be assessed by our Max Factor professionals on a general pass or fail basis.

DIY Classes and Live Online Classes

  1. Who is the DIY Class and Live Online class for and how will it help me?

    The DIY and Live Online Classes work best as a supplement to the Professional Course although they can be consumed by beginners as well. They will benefit those who already have experience with makeup more than the beginners who need to learn the basics and foundation of makeup application.

    DIY Classes tackle more about new product launches and makeup techniques while Live Online Classes have topics related to industry trends. In a Live Online Class, you will also get to interact and ask questions to the Academy Expert.

  2. Is there an expiry to the DIY Classes I have purchased?

    No, you may view and learn the DIY class at any of your convenient time.

  3. What happens if I purchase and miss a Live Online Class?

    The Live Online Class will be recorded. You may view and learn from the recording at your convenient time. You will however not have the benefit of interacting live with the trainer.

  4. How easy is the DIY Class?
    The DIY class is also taught in a step by step manner that can be followed by anyone willing to learn. It is very comprehensive and is designed by our Academy Experts so everyone can follow.

Shipping information

  1. How long will it take for my Starter Kit to arrive?
    Domestic orders (inside UAE) will arrive the next day after your confirmation of order and payment, international orders (outside UAE) will take approximately 3-5 days to ship, depending on your location.

  2. How can I track my Starter Kit or Makeup Tools Kit parcel online?

    The Starter Kit or the Makeup Tools Kit is shipped to you via the delivery company Posta Plus. You can track your parcel online, by visiting the Posta Plus website.

    • Visit your dashboard and click on the tab "My Purchase", in order to get your AWB (Airway bill) number of your order, which corresponds to the tracking number
    • Visit the Posta Plus website and enter the AWB number in the section "Track a Shipment"
    • Click on the button "Track"
    • You will then be able to visualise the Status / Event Log and the corresponding date directly on their website

    If you have any questions on your parcel, don’t hesitate to reach out via the Get in Touch form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

  3. What if I receive defective products?

    You may report receipt of defective products through our Get in Touch page. Your report will be handled by a customer service representative who will be able to assist you with your concern.

My Max Factor Academy Account

  1. If I forget my password, how can I reset it for my account on the Max Factor Make-up Academy site?
    Please click on the “Forgot my password” link at the bottom of the Log in pop-up.
    Enter your email address and click "Email New password". You will receive an email with an activation link to reset your password on the site.