Our graduates

Saina Olfat

Well I studied French literature at university and after graduation I decided to take some make up courses as a hobby.. but then I found my self so passionate about makeup.
So I decided to register with maxfactor makeup academy to improve my skills and to be able to work as a professional makeup artist. Its been a wonderful journey for me and I had a chance to work in fashionshows, beauty magazines and so many tvc's, I also work in bridal makeup and I have so many private clients.
Huge thanks to my biggest supporter in this journey Samira Olfat and maxfactor makeup academy for opening the door of beauty and fashion industry for me.

Rana Minavi

I am painter and this inspired me to be a makeup artist, since I love the colors and love working with shapes and brushes, I was fully confident that i could be a makeup artist.
I started makeup about 5 years ago. I took classes in Iran,(since I'm from Iran ), and start working as makeup artist 2 month afterwards.
I heard about maxfactoracademy in maxfactor facebook page, they had just opened the academy in Dubai, and I was so excited cause I wanted to learn more, I start emailing them, and after a year, finally got the chance to participate in the classes the course that I took in maxfactoracademy completely change my perspective on makeup. And how the industry works. It really helped me. And Samira is such a great mentor and supportive. She really helps u to find ur place as makeup artist and the academy such a great community, which u can easily interact with other students, u can find a lot of great talents in the academy my experience in the academy has been the best thing has ever happened to me.

Inesa Rylenko

Max Factor is a very high quality, professional makeup school, I'm glad that I made a decision and chose max Factor, the atmosphere in the academy and the level of knowledge is very professional and good. Our classes was very well organized and always interesting. The head of MF Middle East Samira Olfat is a great teacher who will teach, share her experience and advices, always inspire you and support. The atmosphere in the academy is very friendly and positive! I had lots of fun and great moments while study there! And the knowledge you get there will be a very good base for start of a make up artist work and life.

Aga Lababedi

Thanks to Max Factor Makeup Academy and Samira Olfat I got to learn the foundations of various make up technique and make up genesis which allowed me to build my own personal make up style through out constant practise and work opportunities still as a Max Factor Makeup Academy Student and as its Graduate afterwards.

Cristina Filip

I was super passionate about makeup and I was always following international makeup artists on social media, also I was watching loads of you tube tutorials but I felt that was not enough.
I was looking for a makeup academy and I found maxfactor makeup academy, after speaking to samira olfat who is the founder of the first maxfactor makeup academy in the world I realized that I'm in a safe hand.
After the course, samira  has sent me to several shows and photo shoots and I loved it.
I am currently a cabin crew and a freelance makeup artist. I highly recommend to all the makeup lovers to join MAX FACTOR MAKEUP ACADEMY and enter the beauty world just right after the course.

Evelyn Virag

I am very happy to have chosen Max Factor Makeup Academy. I had a great teacher a real professionalist I appreciate the fact she wouldn't let us graduate before we were really ready!
If you want a great preparation, to be alway updated with all the secrets and techniques then you won't go wrong with Max Factor Makeup Academy in Dubai. It allows you to enter in the industry offering numerous opportunities .


  • Nicoleta Melinte
  • Dimelza Chaaban
  • Ramia Khouri
  • Nataliya Kunytska
  • Noor Azzam
  • Huda Al Nuaimi
  • Anita Rkanwal
  • Hisah Al Shamsi
  • Ohud
  • Louisa Scott-Priestley
  • Nilakshi Perera
  • Swapna Tekchandani
  • Sarah Nawarr
  • Sofia Chakour
  • Haneen Sbeta
  • Alexandra Williman
  • Alina Wiederstein
  • Nahid Shafiei
  • Carmen De Arcos Rodriguez 
  • Nada Barakeh
  • Nastaran Sadaghiani
  • Maggie Louis
  • Cristina Curici
  • Sally Bastawrous
  • Marwa Barahiem
  • Wissame Boudeliou
  • Hajer Alhajry

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The Max Factor Makeup Academy, since its inception in Dubai in 2013, has elevated hundreds of beauty enthusiasts to certified makeup artists. The Academy’s doors opening was literally the break makeup artists needed to catapult their careers to the professional world of beauty and makeup.  

Meet some our graduates. Learn how the Max Factor Makeup Academy transformed their lives. Let it transform yours, too.